Wolf Tooth Valais Seat Bag Adaptor for Dropper Post


Product Overview

This is the solution you're looking for if you want to run a seat pack with your dropper post.  The Valais clamps tightly to the sliding upper portion of your dropper and provides a safe spot for your seat pack's strap while preventing damage to the stanchion and wiper seal.  It can also be used as a travel limiter or to keep the post extended for efficient pedaling in the event of a locking mechanism failure. 

Some smaller bikepacking-style seat packs - such as Ortleib's 11L Seat Pack or Revelate's 8L Terrapin - can be used with the Valais.  The biggest factor here is tire clearance, so be sure you have enough room between your saddle rails and tire for the bag to fit when the post drops.  See installation instructions below.  We recommend at least 2" of clearance to ensure the bag will not rub the tire over rough terrain.  Most larger seat packs like Revelate's 14L Terrapin will not be a good fit for dropper mounting.  Your results may vary.

The Valais comes in two sizes, 25 and 26mm.  Use a caliper to measure your stanchion's outer diameter or consult the Compatibility section below to find your fit. 


  • Valais 25mm
    • Easton Haven
    • Giant Contact (internal routing)
    • KS (non-27.2 with internal or forward external routing)
    • RaceFace Turbine
    • RockShox Reverb Stealth
    • Specialized Command Post
    • 9Point8 Fall Line
    • Other 24.75-25.25mm (cable routing dependent)
  • Valais 26mm
    • Thomson Covert
    • Fox Transfer
    • Other 26-26.5mm (cable routing dependent)


  • Thoroughly clean seatpost stanchion. 
  • Remove clamping bolt and snap Valais over seatpost stanchion. 
  • Set the Valais at the highest position, install the bolt and tighten to 2-3 NM.
  • Install your saddle bag with it as full as it will be on the trail.  
  • Let all the air out of your rear shock if present, drop the post and fully compress your suspension.
  • Check for adequate tire to saddle bag clearance - at least 2" clearance recommended.  If clearance is inadequate, raise the dropper, loosen the bolt and lower the Valais until there is adequate tire to bag clearance.
  • Re-inflate your shock and be sure that the Valais is torqued to 2-3 NM.

Product Details:

  • Injection molded from strong, resilient and non-marring DuPont Delrin thermoplastic, allowing for easy snap-on installation and full strength all the way down to -20°F/-29°C.
  • Valais limits dropper travel by at least 25mm.  Posts with discrete positions (non-infinite adjust) may lose the lowest position. 
  • At full compression the Valais' deep skirt contacts the seal collar first and will not contact the seal lip, thus protecting wiper seals from damage.