Handbuilt Wheels

We are big believers in the value of hand-built wheels - especially when riding loaded bikes - and strive to make them available to riders of all stripes. High-quality, hand-built wheels are one of the only bicycle components still produced one-at-a-time by skilled craftspeople in an industry that is increasingly electrified, automated, mechanized and de-humanized. Ryan King - Bike Touring News' Owner/Operator - has many years of experience building wheels for bike shops and custom frame builders including Ira Ryan Cycles, Breadwinner Cycles and Tsunehiro Cycles. We want to build your wheels next!

We list a few popular configurations here in the web store but every wheel we sell is built to order in our Boise, Idaho workshop. We only use top-quality components that are hand-picked for your bike, riding style, budget and aesthetic preferences. We also build a large number of dynamo wheels that allow you to power a variety of lights, chargers and other devices with the turning of your wheel, adding even more value and utility to your bicycle.

Ready to get started? Contact us and we'll work together to design a wheelset that will carry you and your gear to the end of the pavement or the ends of the earth! We're happy to provide a quote for a wheel, lighting and/or charging package as well. Email, call us at 866-936-3176 (toll free) or 208-806-2111 (local). We'll look forward to hearing from you!



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