Saddle Comfort Guarantee

We realize finding the right saddle for you can be a challenge.  Every bike and body is different and there are a staggering number of saddle options out there.  Everybody wants the right saddle for them but nobody wants to waste money looking for that saddle by trial and error.  More than perhaps any other component, your saddle has the potential to make or break your enjoyment of cycling. This is not a decision to take lightly!

The stakes are even higher for the bike traveler.  A saddle that causes minor discomfort on day rides can generate real problems on a multi-day trip.  The right saddle can virtually disappear beneath you; the wrong saddle can become an instrument of torture and cause lasting injuries.  Many a rider has been forced to shorten or abandon their adventure altogether due to saddle sores.  Of course, proper preparation, bike fit, hygiene, clothing choice, etc all play a role as well but the saddle is a key element.

We are often asked, "how do I know which saddle is right for me?" If we're being honest, the only way to really know is to ride the darn thing and listen to your body.  However, we can help you narrow the choices based on your anatomy, riding style, bike, aesthetic preferences and budget.  The key to comfort is the correct shape.  Additional width and/or padding don't necessarily improve comfort. 

So here it is: Bike Touring News' 90-Day Saddle Comfort Guarantee - Buy it, ride it and if you don't like it, send it back within 90 days of purchase for a full refund or store credit.*

We carry a hand-picked range of saddles from Brooks, Gilles Berthoud, Rivet, WTB and others.  Leather saddles have a legendary reputation for long-term comfort due to the material's unique ability to break in and conform to your body.  They are also beautiful to behold and add a touch of style to any bike.  However, there are certain applications where a high-quality, well-designed plastic saddle is a more sensible choice.

Our goal is to offer a range of saddles that will allow any bicycle traveler - from the singletrack bikepacker to the daily commuter to the pavement tourer - to enjoy their adventures and chase their dreams without saddle-related discomfort.  Let us help you find the right saddle for you!

*The Fine Print: A full refund of the purchase price (less shipping costs) will be given for saddles returned in "lightly used" condition with all original packaging. Saddles returned in "heavily used" condition or without original packaging will be issued a partial refund at the sole discretion of Bike Touring News. Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs. Refunds will be issued to the card/account used for the initial purchase or as store credit.