About Us

Bike Touring News was founded in 2011 by Jim Powers and Stacy King-Powers with the goal of “Empowering the Bicycle Traveler.”  Part of that mission is providing the products, services and knowledge you need to ride your bicycle more of the time, whether that means riding to the store, to work, on an overnight camping trip or across a continent.  To that end, we operate an online store with a retail showroom in Boise, Idaho and maintain a blog full of tips, how-tos, trip reports, product reviews, biased opinions, blatant propaganda and other resources.

We want to be your local bike shop and source for the gear and knowledge you need to travel bike bike, whether you live here in Boise, across the country or around the world.  We strive to provide the absolute best possible customer service and a hand-picked selection of high-quality products that we stand behind 100%. We want you to get out and explore your world by bike, so let us know how we can help!  We want to hear from you!  Give us a call, email, stop by the shop or reach out via one of our social media platforms.  Links and contact info can be found here.  Thanks for coming along on the journey!

Our Team

Ryan King - Owner/Operator

Ryan took over ownership of Bike Touring News in September of 2017 and sailed the ship singlehanded until bringing on BTN's first employees in the summer of 2020.  Ryan has an abiding passion for human-powered exploration and a deep background in the bike business.  Before taking over BTN he spent time in bike shops as mechanic, service manager and shop manager along with stints as a framebuilder’s assistant, CNC operator, published writer and photographer.  He enjoys long rides on any kind of terrain but is at his happiest when on overnight or multi-day trips in the rugged Idaho backcountry – especially if there are fishing opportunities along the way!



Aaron O'Neal - Lead Mechanic, Wheel Builder

Aaron hails from the greater Seattle area but has been happy to call the Treasure Valley home for the past few years.  His initial interest in cycling was brought about by a desire to find a more economical and sustainable mode of transportation.  He began working on that first bike, bought more bikes, worked on those and decided to make it official by earning his Professional Technical Certification from the United Bicycle Institute back in 2016.  

Since then he’s worked at several different shops in a variety of different roles and is stoked to have landed at BTN where everyone that comes through the door is excited about the adventures that can be had by bicycle—especially here in Idaho!  

Like most of us, Aaron is looking forward to the day when we can all get out on a group ride or campout and will be pleased to meet you the next time you’re in the shop.  

“This valley has a tremendously inspiring cycling community, I’m grateful to be a part of it and my aim is to help it continue to grow and flourish.  Cheers!”  -Aaron



Meredith Schmidt - Web Store-ista, Online Customer Service, Shipping & Recieving

Meredith has spent the majority of her working life in the service industry - from grocery to barista to bartending and serving - allowing her to spend a good amount of her twenties moving around the US.  She settled in Boise almost six years ago and most recently worked at a small Idaho winery in sales and wine production.  Her focus has remained on supporting local business and community health.  An active lifestyle and cycling have continued to be paramount in her extracurricular activities, commutes and interactions with friends, colleagues and patrons.

Prior to working at Bike Touring News, Meredith frequently recommended the shop because of its reliability and sincere kindness.  Ryan built up her second off road rig - a custom Surly Troll - in 2018, opening more doors for adventure riding.  Her position at Bike Touring News has given the opportunity to bring her ambition for cycling full circle.  Currently, Meredith is checking in new items, restocking goodies, updating the web store and shipping our rad products to you!

When not riding her zippy fixed gear around town or the Troll on gravel rides and overnights, Meredith enjoys throwing pottery, swimming, camping, reading satire, playing with her 3 dogs and riding her motorcycle.  

“While many aspects of our society are far past due for change, the bicycle remains a vehicle for freedom, empowerment and positive change.  Let’s keep on riding!”  -Meredith



Christa Howarth - Adventure Consultant, Mechanic, In-Store Customer Service

Christa moved to Boise from the east coast (New Jersey) in the summer of 2017 for a year-long AmeriCorps contract after her philosophy undergrad in Scranton, PA. During her AmeriCorps year she inherited a fully rigid steel Stumpjumper to commute on and discovered the rush of freedom bicycle travel offers. Needless to say, she decided to stay in Boise.

The next summer a friend helped her build up an '89 Specialized Rock Combo which she rode from her childhood home in New Jersey towards Idaho (she hopped on the train in Minneapolis). Since her permanent move to Boise Christa has worked at a couple bike shops in town, as well as a local organic veggie farm. Her bicycle and bike camping set-up have evolved as she continues to adventure around Idaho, preferably riding from her garage, no cars involved.

Christa is stoked to join the team at Bike Touring News and share excitement for the world of bicycle adventure!

"Ride slowly and eat lots of snacks (pancakes). The flowers look prettier that way.". - Christa



Malcolm Moncheur - Adventure Consultant, Mechanic, In-Store Customer Service

Malcolm grew up riding his bike around Boise. In his early 20's, he was introduced to triathlons and discovered the joy of biking longer and longer distances, culminating in riding across the United States. More recently, he was lucky enough to bike down the Pacific coast from Canada down to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico before starting a graduate program studying Energy, Technology, and Policy. Malcolm is fascinated by micro-hydroelectricity, and is passionate about developing renewable energy in a way that benefits all people. 

Malcolm is motivated to share his love for bike adventure with others because he believes that people of all ages, ability levels, races, and genders should have the opportunity to experience an adventure from the saddle of a bicycle, be it a four mile ride along the Boise greenbelt, a four day loop down remote dirt roads, or a four thousand mile ride across a continent.



Cheddar "Abraham Lincoln" King - Shop Dog, Head Shedder, Lead Licker of Sandaled Feet

Cheddar has been running alongside bicycles and laying next to workbenches since Ryan and India adopted him back in 2013.  He's pretty sure that anyone riding a bike is his friend and the same goes for everyone who passes through the doors of BTN HQ.  When he isn't shedding all over the shop, hassling the delivery drivers for treats or licking your sandaled toes (sorry about that...) Cheddar enjoys short MTB rides, medium fatbike rides, big hikes and long days wading streams in search of trout.  He's still not sure about packrafting but is slowly getting used to the idea.