Tubus Front Racks

Tubus Front Racks

The standard in bike racks for a very good reason.  Tubus makes it looks easy.  With twenty years of research and design your bound to find the exact rack to fit your needs.

Rack    Type    Weight    Capacity    Material    
Tubus Airy Rear 230 g 30 kg Titanium
Tubus Cargo Rear 625 g 40 kg 25CrMo4
Tubus Carry Rear 350 g 30 kg Titanium
Tubus Cosmo Rear 680 g 40 kg Stainless Steel
Tubus Disco Rear 658 g 20 kg 25CrMo4
Tubus Fly Rear 330 g 18 kg 25CrMo4
Tubus Logo Rear 730 g 40 kg 25CrMo4
Tubus Locc Rear 1050 g 40 kg 25CrMo4
Tubus Vega Rear 510 g 25 kg 25CrMo4
RackTime FoldIt Rear 700 g 25 kg Aluminum
RackTime AddIt Rear 733 g 30 kg Aluminum
Tubus Duo Front 510 g 15 kg 25CrMo4
Tubus Ergo Front 570 g 15 kg 25CrMo4
Tubus Nova Front 535 g 15 kg Stainles Steel
Tubus Tara Front 500 g 15 kg 25CrMo4

Some notes on rack materials:

  • Aluminum is stiff, lightweight and cannot be welded. An extra stiff rack can be unforgiving on the rider when biking over potholes or rough dirt roads with a full load. If the tubes are bent, structured integrity can be compromised, vastly reducing the weight capacity.
  • 25CrMo4 (aka “Chro-Moly” alloy) is a more flexible metal that can be welded or even bent into shape, but is heavier than other metals.
  • Stainless Steel has all the benefits of 25CrMo4, plus is slightly stronger and has a shiny surface. Stainless Steel is the best rack material for remote touring expeditions.
  • Titanium is by far the lightest and strongest metal that is more flexible than 25CrMo4/Stainless Steel. The only downside of Titanium is that it cannot easily be welded/bent into shape.

Notice that the Tubus steel/chro-moly racks weigh less than the RackTime Aluminum racks. Tubus makes performance-oriented racks and uses very high quality steel, while RackTime is an entry-level rack that uses lower grade aluminum.

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