PNW Loam Dropper Post, 30.9x150mm


Product Overview

The Loam Dropper Post is the ideal, lightweight dropper post for your Surly trail bikes.  We're currently stocking the 150mm travel version with 30.9mm diameter.  All of Surly's current trail bikes (Karate Monkey, Krampus, Wednesday, Ice Cream Truck) use the 30.9mm diameter and 150mm of travel is typically spot-on for a properly-fitted rider on the appropriate size of any of those models.  Even so, it is best to reference the fit chart in the photos above to confirm the fit.  

  • 25mm of tool-less travel adjustment allows riders to customize their post for their application in 5mm increments
  • Adjustable air cartridge allows the rider to dial in their dropper's return rate with personalized pressure
  • With a redesigned air cartridge and stanchion, the Loam dropper is on average 40g lighter than its predecessor
  • Machined channel on the mid-cap is home to a textured silicone band that you can match to your bike or other PNW cockpit components (Includes black band)
  • Weatherproof sealed cartridge means that the Loam dropper won't let you down when the conditions get sloppy

"PNW have yet again come out with a great option for an affordable and reliable dropper post. The adjustability built into the Loam will surely be a selling point for many riders, as will the ability to add some custom color accents. While it doesn't possess the ultra-smooth actuation of some more pricey droppers, it's proven to be extremely reliable and I would highly recommend the Loam to anyone looking for a versatile, minimal-fuss post." -Daniel Sapp of Pink Bike

Diameter: 30.9mm (currently stocking), 31.6mm, 34.9mm
Travel: 125mm, 150mm (currently stocking), 170mm, 200mm
Weight: 504g (30.9, 150mm)
Color: Black