PNW Coast Handlebar


Product Overview

PNW's Coast handlebar is one of our top picks from the new crop of extra-wide drop bars popping up on the market.  Much more than a wider version of an existing bar, these were designed from the clamp out to hit the sweet spot for your off-road drop bar bike. 

Most notably, these bars feature a very shallow 105mm drop.  This allows easy access to the drops for confident riding when things get steep or rough without the need to bring the entire handlebar up too high.  Paired with a moderate 20˚ of flare in the drops, you've got a recipe for comfortable hand positions, a neutral wrist angle and easy transitions between tops, hoods and drops. 

The Coast is made from 6061 Aluminum for an optimal blend of comfort, durability, weight and cost-effectiveness.  The unique finish features glossy black details over a peened, anodized surface for cool contrast and a unique look without being loud or flashy.  The bright highlights in the product photos above make the bars appear more gray or silver.  Rest assured, these are as black as a new moon midnight. 

Fit Notes:

If you're moving from a traditional drop bar to these (or other extra-wide drop bars) you will likely want to change your stem length and/or angle for optimum fit.  The ideal position is different for everyone but a good rule of thumb is to use a stem that is 1cm shorter for every added 2cm of handlebar width.  So, let's say your current setup uses a 46cm handlebar with a 90mm stem and you want to use a 52cm Coast bar.  The new bar is 6cm wider, so you'll likely want a stem that is 3cm shorter - 60mm.  We also tend to like to have a bar like this up a little higher - right around saddle height or even a bit above, so using a stem with a 7-10˚ rise is helpful.  We've got stems from Whisky Parts Co. that will do the job and are a good aesthetic pairing.

The sizing number on these bars is taken center-to-center from the fronts of the bars - where your brake hoods will attach.  This means they're significantly wider - 8.4cm to be precise - in the drops.  For example, the 48cm Coast bar will measure 56.4cm center-to-center at the ends.  31.8mm clamp fits most modern road and mountain stems.


  • 65mm Reach
  • 105mm Drop
  • 20° Flare
  • Weights: 48cm - 346g / 52cm - 357g
  • 6061 Aluminum
  • Made in Taiwan