Wolf Tooth Singletrack Pogies


Product Overview

Bred from frosty Minnesota winters, Wolf Tooth's Singletrack Pogie is a great choice for anyone seeking lightweight pogies with adjustable warmth, quick installation/removal and easy hand access.  They're ideal for trail rides where the ability to get hands in and out quickly is a benefit. 

The patented adjustable cuff delivers three distinct warmth levels: cuffs up and zipped for max warmth, unzipped for moderate heat venting and cuffs down for long climbs or warmer days.  The pogies attach and remove quickly with no tools required - after the required bar end plugs are installed that is.  Simply slide the pogies over your grips, brake levers and shifters, secure the twist-locking bar plug attachment, snap and seal the velcro closure around your control cables and pull the nylon band through its buckle to close up drafts.  Adjust the cuff to desired height and you're ready to ride!

We find the Singletrack Pogie to be ideal for temperatures in the high teens and above with a fleece or softshell glove underneath.  If the mercury dips much lower you'll need a fairly heavy glove or a burlier pogie to stay warm.  If temperatures in the teens and below are common in your forecast, 45NRTH's Cobrafist pogie may be a better choice.  They're a good deal bulkier, heavier and not as quick to hands get in and out of but they do the trick in deep winter temps.

Fit Notes

The Singletrack Pogie is designed to fit flat or riser handlebars with an inner diameter of 17-20mm.  A few wraps of electrical tape on the bar plugs prior to installation with help them grip inside larger handlebar openings.  These pogies will not work on drop bars.  Bars with a large amount of backsweep (Jones, Surly Moloko, etc.) may also place the pogies at an awkward angle, though many riders use these on swept-back handlebars with no complaints.  Positioning of handlebar-mounted controls or accessories may need to be adjusted to allow installation or for angle adjustment. 

Features and Specifications

  • Material - 420D Diamond Rip Stop Nylon laminated with jersey and closed cell foam.  Fabric is waterproof but seams are not sealed.
  • 11cm foldable cuff with zipper
  • 3 warmth settings - cuff up + zipped, cuff up + unzipped, cuff down
  • Proprietary quick-disconnect handlebar plug system (bar plugs included with pogies)
  • Velcro + snap and strap cinch seal around handle bar and cables
  • Weight - 280 grams pogies, 20 grams for handlebar mounting plugs
  • Includes: two pogies and set of quarter-turn bar plugs for attachment
  • Pogie bar plugs made in the USA, Pogie body made in Asia.

Product Videos