Wolf Tooth Pack Pliers

$32.95 - $37.95

Product Overview

Leave it to the folks at Wolf Tooth to come up with a tool so slick and simple!  The Pack Plier is the perfect compliment to your travel tool kit, packing some essential tools you need to get out of a jam into a slim, lightweight package.

The chain masterlink plier is the centerpiece of this made-in-the-USA combo tool, allowing easy separation of 8-12spd master links.  The second plier jaw is sized to fit the presta nuts on your tubeless valve stems.  Those little buggers can be tough to get off! 

A y-shaped cutout in the handle fits the flats on your removeable presta valve core and a tire lever spoon shape is machined into the butt of the handle.  When the handle pivots open, two storage slots for spare masterlinks are revealed.  A magnet secures the masterlinks and holds the tool closed when in transit. 

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