Revelate Designs Terrapin 8L Seat Pack System


Product Overview

The 8-liter Terrapin shares a name and many features with its larger sibling but this is definitely the most highly-evolved seat bag system that Revelate has produced to date.  With a host of improvements to enhance security and durability, this is the ideal seat pack for the minimalist-minded singletrack bikepacker or for anyone with limited space between saddle rails and tire. 

The 8L Terrapin's harness is engineered to minimize sag and sway without resorting to heavy, rigid hardware.  Revelate achieved this goal with their "indie-rail" attachment system where the saddle rails are cinched directly to the sides of the bag.  Combined with a rigid internal structure and 2:1 mechanical advantage webbing system with auto-locking active cam buckles, this system eliminates side to side sway without any added hardware components.  This is a rock-solid harness that will remain stable and secure over the roughest terrain. 

In another clever move, Revelate used an external plastic bottom sheet to armor the seat pack against tire scuffs and for use as an effective fender.  Even with this feature, it is still critical to observe the 7" minimum rail-to-tire clearance. 

The included dry bag is a smaller version of the tried-and-true RF-welded design used on the original Terrapin and incorporates the same easy-to-use purge valve for maximum compression of the load.  The 8L capacity (bag rolled three times) provides enough space for lightweight sleep gear, extra layers, spare socks, puffy jacket or other lightweight, bulky items that need to stay dry. 


  • Indie-Rail attachment system and active camming hardware

  • Radio frequency welded drybag with air purge valve

  • Protective external plastic bottom frame sheet

  • Aluminum hardware at high stress points

  • Composite internal top frame sheet

  • Foam stiffened side panels with fiberglass compression stays

  • Carbon seatpost friendly

  • 7" Minimum of tire clearance required from saddle rails

Important Notes: it is mandatory to check tire clearance prior to use, especially with full suspension bikes.  Bag contact with a tire can cause a bad wreck and ruin your day.  Tire damage to the bag is not covered by warranty.

The Terrapin® 8L is not compatible with the Spocket top pouch.