Six Moon Designs Lunar Duo Tent - Outfitter


Product Overview

We are excited to be carrying these lightweight and durable two man tents by Six Moon Designs. Six Moons uses three words to describe these tents.

  • Spacious This tent is at home in a campground as much as atop a windswept ridge and large enough for four adults to sit and play a game of cards.
  • Secure No matter how bad the weather, you can batten down the hatches for a comfortable night's sleep.
  • Ultralight Lunar Duo offers no compromises despite the fact that it’s less than half the weight of your traditional tent.

The Lunar Duo is roomy and has two oversized vestibules for weatherproof storage of your gear that can be set up in a variety of positions, depending on ventilation needs and weather conditions. The vertical sidewalls prevent rain from falling into the tent and the dual curved poles on either side create a unique arched roof. With a maximum height of 45" and a width of 54", you have plenty of room for two people and a four legged friend. These tents only weigh 57oz and pack down to 15" by 6"!

These tents can be pitched with your trekking poles if your on foot (and use trekking poles) or two 45" poles. Check out the ultralight carbon poles we carry from Six Moon here. These tents do not come seam sealed, which we highly recommend doing before getting out in the elements. We now carry Gear Aid Tent Seam Sealant. Check out instructions on doing this yourself here or reach out if you would like us to take care of it for you!


  • Heavy Duty #8 Zippers provides more durability for this two-person tent.
  • Dual Full Vestibules provide protection while still maintaining good ventilation when closed. Open both vestibules to maximize ventilation and view.
  • High Vents provide additional moisture control.
  • Dual Entry ensures each person has their own door for those nightly trips.
  • Single Piece Bathtub Floor makes a more watertight floor.
  • Easy Tension Adjustment makes keeping the tent taut a trivial task that can be accomplished while still in your sleeping bag. Re-tension straps have been added to all tie out points.
  • Floating Canopy allows the canopy to be set to different heights.
  • Dual Hiking Pole Support
  • Dual Cargo Pockets
  • Extremely Easy Setup in less than five minutes under any conditions.