Six Moon Designs Footprint - Polycro

$11.00 - $13.00

Product Overview

These polycro footprints provide an ultralight ground sheet, protecting the base of your tent. Interestingly enough, polycro is is frequently used as a second thermal layer for windows. Its lightweight, somewhat water resistant and relatively durable. You should get many uses out of this footprint and the pack comes with 2, so you can save it for suture use or loan it to a friend! They weigh just about nothing at 1.2oz. Take note that this material, being so light needs to be weighed down when laid out on the ground.

We offer the small size, opening up to 96" X 40", which works great with the Lunar Solo Tent as well as the large, which is ideal for a ground cover under the Lunar Duo, either the Outfitter or Explorer.