Six Moon Designs Footprint - Tyvek

$14.00 - $16.00

Product Overview

These Tyvek footprints provide an ultralight ground sheet, protecting the base of your tent. This ground cloth is extremely durable, epecially when your are setting up in a terrain with sticks and rocks. These are ideal for long trips and with proper care should last for a long time. These footprints unfold to 84” X 36” and are ideal for the Lunar Solo tent set up from Six Moon.

Six Moon Design's Tyvek footprint is made from hard surface Tyvek. This ground cloth is extremely durable and will protect your shelter floor from sticks and rocks. With proper care, one Tyvek Footprint will last for a multi-month and multi-thousand mile hike or ride.


Small: 84" X 36" - 213 cm X 91 cm Recommended for the Lunar Solo

Large: 84" X 48" - 213 cm X 122 cm Recommended for the Lunar Duo Explorer and Lunar Duo Outfitter

Notes: For a softer feel, prewash your Tyvek in a washing machine. It will make the material softer and easier to fold.

You should get many uses out of this footprint! They weigh a bit more than the Polycro version but are still extremely light. Take note that this material, being so light needs to be weighed down when laid out on the ground.