DRAGONtail Tenkara Level Line 30m Spool


Product Overview

DRAGONtail's level line is 100% premium flourocarbon, made in Japan.  This line comes in a 30m spool rather than the 20m provided by most brands - plenty for at least 7 or 8 lines - making it a great value.  The spool is also very thin, making it easier to carry on-stream if needed.  The hi-viz orange color is created with a double-dye process that makes it easy to see without the opaque monofilament blends that are often added to level lines and hamper the performance of the flourocarbon.  This is neutral-density line that can be fished easily at various depths in the water column. 

Level line is preferred by most experienced tenkara anglers for its light weight, slight stiffness and ability to fine-tune line length.  Buy one spool and make up lines to whatever length desired.  Level lines are available in different weights - larger numbers indicate thicker and therefore heavier line.  Heavier lines are easier to cast - especially in windy conditions - but lighter lines allow softer presentations and create less line sag, hence a cleaner, more drag-free drifts. 

Add a handful of the foam line spools, line winder cards or classic Meiho spools to your order to store your level lines after they're cut to length.  Tenkara USA's Keeper is also an excellent option for on-stream line management - though we prefer the foam spools or line cards for storing extra lines as they're very inexpensive and easy to mark with the length and weight for easy identification.  You'll also need tippet material if you don't have some already.  The simplest rig consists of around 4 feet of 4x or 5x tippet to connect your tenkara line to the fly.  Don't hesitate to ask if we can help with setup questions!