Moonlit Monofilament Tippet


Product Overview

This is the fine tippet material you'll need to connect your fly to the end of your tenkara line.  Moonlit's monofilament tippet is of very high quality and comes on a thin, connectable spool for easy storage.  Tippet is secured by a red elastic band that allows easy unwinding without unspooling. 

The simplest rig consists of a 4-foot section of tippet between the end of your tenkara line and the fly.  Longer tippets may be used for additional reach or to fish deeper in the water column.  Shorter tippets can be handy in tight conditions and very shallow water but you risk spooking fish by having the fly too close to the end of your line. 

Tippet material comes in a variety of diameters.  We stock 3x (thicker) down to 5x (thinner) to cover the range of tenkara anglers' needs.  Fine tippets help protect your rod from damage when breaking off snagged flies but the highly flexible nature of tenkara rods means the rod will absorb a great deal of energy and protect fine tippets very well.  

DRAGONtail recommends 4x tippet (6lb breaking strength) for most of their rods.  Tenkara USA would prefer you use 5x.  It is not recommended to use 3x tippet or stronger for your fly-to-line connection with any of the tenkara rods we sell other than DRAGONtail's HELLbender.  However, you can use a segment of 3x and taper your tippet down to 4x or 5x from there.