Tenkara USA Level Line


Product Overview

This flourocarbon level line was developed exclusively for Tenkara USA and delivers very little memory, just the right stiffness for casting and excellent visibility.  A 20m (65ft) spool provides enough line for at least 4 or 5 lines cut to the length you desire.  There are various methods of rigging the lines once they are cut.  Check out the video below for a closer look at these lines and the rigging method favored by Tenkara USA founder, Daniel Galhardo. 

Level lines are sold in a range of weights based on the thickness of the line.  Heavier lines will be easier to cast, especially in windy conditions.  Lighter lines provide a more delicate presentation and help prevent line sag that will cause drag on the fly.  We recommend starting out with heavier lines and experimenting with lighter line as your skills progress. 

Made in Japan

Product Videos