Tenkara USA Tapered Nylon Line


Product Overview

These tapered nylon lines combine the easy rigging and quick setup of furled lines with the light weight, delicate presentation and high visibility of level lines.  They are a solid choice for new tenkara anglers and are a favorite of many experienced in the method as well.  The tapered design features a heavier butt section for easy casting and fly turnover with a finely tapered tip for a soft landing of the fly and minimal sag-induced drag. 

The line connects to the rod with a simple girth hitch in the attached backing segment, making for easy rigging without any tricky knots.  The tip of the line is knot-free.  Tippet can be connected with the tenkara "one knot" as described in the included instructions.  Some anglers prefer to tie a loop (the Perfection Loop works well) in the tip of the line or use a tippet ring to provide an attachment point for your tippet. 

Available in two lengths:

  • 11'6" (3.5m) - Ideal for rods shorter than 13 feet, small to mid-size streams
  • 14'9" (4.5m) - Ideal for rods longer than 13 feet, mid-size to larger streams, open waters or any time additional reach is desired