Tenkara Line Winder Cards - 4 Pack


Product Overview

No thicker than a credit card and nearly weightless, these line winder cards are the perfect line storage solution for the minimalist tenkara angler.  Three of these cards fit in the same space as one traditional plastic or foam spool.  They're simple, inexpensive and highly functional!

Made from sturdy and flexible plastic, the spools have a set of six holes to hook your fly and two slots to tuck the tail of your line into.  The backside of each card is blank, providing ample space to note the weight and/or length of your lines for easy organization and selection when on the water. 

These spools work great with level line but aren't recommended for furled lines.  The added bulk of furled lines will overflow the spool.  Stick with the Meiho spools, foam spools or clip-on line winders for your furled lines. 

Check out the video below for a closer look.

Sold in a pack of 4 assorted colors.