DRAGONtail Mizuchi zx340 Tenkara Rod


Product Overview

This is a very versatile rod, with three different lengths, allowing you to cover many different waters with the same rod.

The 11ft (340cm) long length is excellent for when you have open casting room such as wider sections of the stream, a river, or even on still water. The 11ft length is a great general purpose length for a Tenkara rod that will work great in most types of water where there is room to cast. 

The 9.6ft (290cm) middle length is great when the stream or canopy are a bit to tight for a long rod but don’t require a super short rod.

And the short 8ft (240cm) length is perfect for when there is lots of canopy overgrowth. You can also perform an excellent bow-n-arrow cast if things are to tight for this length.

This will be a Multi-Length rod that can be fished at 240cm (8ft), 290cm (9.6ft), and 340cm (11ft).

This is great rod for kiddos and beginners as well.

I highly suggest checking out Tom Davis's blog post about the development of this rod. Click here for the link.

MIZUCHI Rod Specs:

Collapsed Length: 64cm (25.2in)
Extended lengths: 240cm (7.88ft), 292cm (9.58ft), 339.5cm (11.14ft)
Length Difference between Shortest to Longest Length: 39.12in
Weight (with out tip plug or cap): 81 g (2.86 ounces)
CCS/RFI: 16 pennies/6.6, 17 p/5.8, 18 p/5.3

*Rod tube and sock included but check out our tools and accessories to get your Tenkara setup dialed in.