DRAGONtail HYDRA zx390 Zoom Tenkara Rod

MSRP: $139.95
(You save $14.96 )

Product Overview

The HYDRA zx390 is a high-quality tenkara rod with a premium feel at a very affordable price.  It features a soft, progressive action and surprisingly light feel at 13 feet and delivers an extra foot of reach and line-lifting ability.  The rod feels shockingly light and has a much quicker casting feel when zoomed down to 11.5 feet.  Despite its long length, it is still highly packable at 21" when collapsed. 

This rod is perfect for lightweight level lines and weightless flies but casts heavier lines and weighted flies competently also.  The zoom feature allows you to fish the rod at 11.5' for tighter situations or shorter lines, expanding this rod's versatility.  Many anglers like to fish this rod at the shorter setting until they hook a fish, then extend to the full length for extra leverage during the fight and reduced hand-lining when landing fish.

The handle shape features a narrow waist between the pronounced double humps.  This makes the rod very comfortable to hold at the butt of the handle for maximum reach. 

Add a Starter Kit to your order and you'll be ready to fish.  We'd recommend a 12.5' or 14' line to start out with the Hydra.  Want to customize your setup for the water you fish most?  Message us or email  We'd love to help!

From Tom Davis of Teton Tenkara:

I like this rod! It think it is a the perfect addition to the DRAGONtail rod line up.... If you are looking for a rod that will cover most trout fishing situations, and yet won't tax your wallet, you should consider the DRAGONtail Hydra ZX390.  Check out the video of his day on the water with the HYDRA below.  


  • Length:  Zooms between 390/350cm (~13/11.5ft)
  • Collapsed Length:  ~21in
  • Handle Length: 10.3in
  • Action:  Soft 6:4
  • Weight: ~3.2oz
  • Material: High-quality Carbon Fiber
  • Finish:  Matte Black with Green Accents
  • Includes:  Rod, Tip Cap, Rod Sock, Hard Storage Tube