Tenkara USA Ito Zoom Rod


Product Overview

The Ito is the longest rod we carry, delivering a whopping 14'7" of reach at its full length.  It can also be zoomed down to 13' for tighter situations or a lighter feel.  This rod is ideal for streams of any size with minimal overhead cover but will really shine on more open waters.  The extra lengths allows the use of a longer line, making it easy to reach across currents and target fish that would be unreachable with a shorter rod.  The Ito can also be paired with a line shorter than the rod for tighter waters, making it a very versatile tool. 

Despite its long overall length, the Ito feels incredibly light at 13' as the balance is brought closer to the handle and still very light at 14'7".  While it isn't specifically designed as a "big fish" rod, the long length of the Ito provides plenty of length to absorb the forces exerted by strong fish and excellent leverage to control their runs.  Smaller fish still provide good sport and are a ton of fun on this rod.

The zoom feature allows the rod to be fished at two different lengths by extending or collapsing the final segment.  The zoom segment locks in securely in place with a special butt cap and can be adjusted on the fly to suit the fishing conditions.  Many anglers will fish the rod at the shorter length most of the time and then extend the rod after hooking a fish for extra leverage in the fight. 

The Ito also features Tenkara USA's exclusive "Keep Your Plug" system.  The rod comes with two tip plugs, one in the tip and one in a special socket in the butt cap.  Take the second plug out of the butt cap and store it somewhere safe.  When on the stream, you can remove the tip plug and store it in the butt cap, helping prevent its loss. 

At nearly 26" collapsed, this is certainly not the most packable tenkara rod out there.  The Tenkara USA Hane is nearly half the collapsed length of the Ito!  However, it is still vastly lighter, smaller and more portable than any rod and reel outfit.  The Ito is well worth carrying on any bike ride or hike where fishing will be part of the focus.  There is a good reason why this rod is a favorite of many experienced tenkara anglers.  Once you experience it, the Ito may just become your new favorite rod too!

Just getting started fishing with tenkara?  Add Tenkara USA's Starter Kit to your order and you'll have everything you need.  Just add water and a fishing license! 

Need a line to pair with your new rod?  Tenkara USA's 14'9" Tapered Line is a great match for the Ito.  Alternatively, pick up a spool of Nissin Level Line and cut your own lines to any length you desire. 

Check out a video review of this rod from Tom Davis of Teton Tenkara fishing the below. 

*rod lengths may vary slightly from indicated due to the telescopic nature of the rods
Length: 13ft - 14ft7in
Finish: Matte Black with dark blue sections
Segments: 9 (can be fished as 8)
Closed length: 25.8inches (65.53cm)
Handle length: 12inches (30.48cm)
Weight: 4.1oz (116g)

NOTE:  The Ito rods we currently have in stock feature the older graphic treatment with a matte finish and gold lettering.  See the last two (leftmost) product photos to view the older graphics.  Most of the photos above show the newer version which will be in stock soon.  The two versions are 100% identical in every way other than the aesthetics. 

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