Tenkara USA Rhodo Adjustable Rod


Product Overview

The Rhodo is the lighest rod Tenkara USA makes. The adjustablitlity feature allows you to fish tight streams, with overhaning branches, as well as those larger rivers, requiring a longer reach. You can adjust this rod to three different lengths, 8'10" / 9'9" / 10'6" (270/297/320cm). This lightweight and versatile rod opens up more opportunities in your fishing adventure, while maintaining the minimal, reel free Tenkara fishing approach.

The Rhodo also features Tenkara USA's exclusive "Keep Your Plug" system.  The rod comes with two tip plugs, one in the tip and one in a special socket in the butt cap.  Take the second plug out of the butt cap and store it somewhere safe.  When on the stream, you can remove the tip plug and store it in the butt cap, helping prevent its loss.

This rod is greater for beginner and experienced anglers alike, being compact and packable, offering multiple lengths, allowing you to use it, whatever the terrain sends your way

Just getting started fishing with tenkara?  Add Tenkara USA's Starter Kit to your order and you'll have everything you need.  Just add water and a fishing license! 

Need a line to pair with your new rod?  Tenkara USA's 14'9" Tapered Line is a great match for the Rhodo.  Alternatively, pick up a spool of Nissin Level Line and cut your own lines to any length you desire.


Weight: 2.1 oz (59.5 g)
Closed length: 21" (53.3cm)
Open lengths: 
8'10" / 9'9" / 10'6"= 270/297/320cm*
Handle length: 9" (22.9cm)
Segments: 8