Tenkara USA Sato Triple-Zoom Rod


Product Overview

The Sato is perhaps the most versatile rod in the Tenkara USA lineup - a true one-rod quiver.  The patented, Tenkara USA-exclusive Triple-Zoom design allows the rod to be fished at three different lengths: 10'8", 11'10" and 12'9" (330/360/390cm).  Tenkara rods average 12' in length, so the Sato provides this medium length along with a shorter and longer setting.  Fish it short when casting space is tight and extend one or both zoom segments when the stream opens up or you need the additional reach.

The Sato also features Tenkara USA's clever "Keep Your Plug" system.  The rod ships with two tip plugs - one in the tip and one in a special socket in the butt cap.  Remove the plug from the butt cap and store it somewhere safe.  When on the stream, remove the tip plug and insert it into the butt cap to prevent its loss. 

  • Weight: 2.6 oz (73.7 g)
  • Closed length: 22” (57.78cm)
  • Open lengths: 10’8”/11’10”/12’9” (330/360/390cm)
  • Handle length: 10 ½”(26.7cm)
  • Segments: 9