Busch & Müller Luxos U IQ2 Dynamo Headlight


Product Overview

The Luxos U IQ2 is one of the most advanced bicycle headlights available.  Powered by a dynamo hub, it offers best-in-class illumination and integrates a USB port for charging other electronic devices.  This unit has a built in cache battery for those devices which might switch off when the voltage drops.  This also allows charging to continue until the battery is fully discharged after the bike stops moving.

There are two pairs of spade connectors on the back of the light with included jumper wires. One set is for the input from the hub and one set is for a tail light which is powered from the head light. A two-strand wire is included for either the dynamo input or tail light output but if you are going to use both you will need another wire; either the coaxial wire with connectors or the double strand wire with connectors.

If using a Schmidt hub you will also need the bigger spade connectors for the Schmidt contacts. The other option would be to get the Schmidt coaxial wire to run from the light to the hub.

For handlebar mounting, use the Schmidt Handlebar Mount.

The Luxos U's beam automatically changes with the rider's speed, always producing the optimal beam pattern for that speed. There is a "Panorama" mode, in which power is shifted from the main LED to two side LEDs that illuminate the road close to the bike and to each side. The shift in power is done automatically below 15 kph, about 9 mph. The slower you go, the brighter the panorama LEDs glow.

  • Daylight running mode
  • Automatic sensor switching
  • Wide beam with very even lighting
  • USB charging via port in handlebar button button control
  • Cache battery for charging other devices
  • Standlight