Schmidt Handlebar Mount


Product Overview

This is a sleek, cleanly machined handlebar mount for any dynamo light with a 1cm mounting base.  The unique attachment system features a stainless steel band that is pulled tight inside the mount, allowing easy mounting to any diameter handlebar.  The light's base is sandwiched in between the legs of the mount so the light will be held firmly in place and won't gradually slip and rotate down on bumpy roads.

There are two lengths.  The 90-degree angled arm on the shorter one places the bolt for attaching the light about 2.5cm away from the handlebar.  The long version stands off straight and will put the attachment point about 4cm away from the bar.

  • Very secure mount for heavier lights on bumpy roads
  • Theft resistant; tools are needed to remove the light or mount
  • Milled aluminum