Schmidt Edelux II LED Dynamo Headlight


Product Overview

The Schmidt Edelux ll is a very bright LED dynamo powered bicycle headlight. This one is compact and elegant looking.  The beam is focused so that it is brighter at the top of the headlight and gradually less bright towards the bottom of the light. The brighter light is projected down the road at the top of the beam and, closer in where less light projection is needed, the less bright light source is able to provide adequate illumination near to the rider. These have a three position magnetic switch; On, Off and Senso for automatic operation. See the Upside Down version for different mounting options. If you are going to use a wired taillight you will need a wire with the proper connectors.

  • 140cm coaxial cable.  4.8mm Schmidt spade connectors included but not installed.
  • On/Off/Senso switch
  • Can be used with wired tail light