Busch & Müller Toplight Line Plus BrakeTec


Product Overview

A wired, dynamo powered bike tail light designed to mount on the rear of a carrier rack. The mounting holes are 50mm apart so it will work with any of the Tubus racks we sell. It will work with the Salsa Wanderlust racks as well. A small light this one, but the the light from two LEDs is spread into a line across the width of the light, providing increased surface area for the light, and making it more visible at a distance. As the dynamo hub on the wheel slows down when the bike comes to a stop the LED's become brighter, acting as a brake light!

  • No wire included. See the double strand or coaxial wires for connection to the head light
  • Stand light stays on for 4 minutes when the bike is stopped.
  • No batteries required!
  • 92mm wide by 45mm tall by 17mm deep.
  • 50mm mounting stud distance.