Busch & Müller Lumotec IQ Premium Cyo T Senso Plus


Product Overview

The Cyo is a dynamo-powered headlight with an extremely bright beam.  The light is controlled by a three postion switch for On, Off or light-sensing "Senso" mode. In Senso mode, four LED daytime running lights run at full brightness when riding during the day.  As it gets darker the running lights will dim and the main light will come to full brightness. 

The Cyo also incorporates a standlight.  A capacitor keeps the LED running lights glowing for a few minutes when the bike stops at an intersection.  The built in cap or hood acts as a heat sink to keep the bright LED lamp cooler.  This is a good choice for the rider wanting a bright, far-reaching beam for safe, confident riding after dark.

  • Very bright LED with a large heat sink
  • Standlight
  • Senso setting for automatic operation
  • Fork mount bracket included
  • Wire included for hub connection
  • Compatible with a wired tail light (double strand wire included)