Busch+Müller Eyc N Plus Lumotec IQ2


Product Overview

A very compact LED dynamo headlight for bike commuting and touring. This one is rated at 50 Lux with a very deep and even field of light. A simple on/off switch and a built in capacitor with a standlight so the light stays on for a few minutes when the bike is stopped. A very compact light; sort of a little tadpole compared to the Luxos U. The wire for connecting to the hub has no connectors attached, which works fine for Shimano or Shutter Precision hubs but if used with a Schmidt hub, separate Schmidt connectors will be required.

  • Includes fork crown mounting bracket
  • Hard-wired two strand wire with bare ends for connection to hub
  • Short hard-wired pigtail with male spade fittings to connect a tail light wire (no tail light wire included)