Busch+Müller Lumotec IQ-X


Product Overview

The IQ-X from Busch+Müller is a 100 Lux dynamo headlight- the brightest one we sell. Yet it still meets the German law requirements for vehicles. It has a standlight so the light says on for a few minutes after the bike comes to a stop. The on/off switch automatically senses the light level; when switched on the daylight running lights shine on full brightness during the day and at dusk the mode switches and the main road light shines at full intensity. A lateral ring emits light in either mode for side visibility. The hub connection wire is hard-wired to the light and the ends are bare for use with Shimano, Sanyo or Shutter Precision hubs. Get the Schmidt connectors for use with Schmidt SON hubs.  Maybe best of all, the black mounting ring that wraps around the light can be removed and rotated 180 degrees so, after removing the fork crown mounting bracket that ships with the light, the light can be bolted "upside down" onto the braze on light tabs built into many front racks.

  • Aluminum housing
  • Hard-wired for tail light (tail light wire included)
  • Large easy to use on/off switch
  • Robust fork crown mounting bracket