Busch & Müller Toplight Line Plus


Product Overview

This light is the same size and shape as the Toplight Line Brake Plus but does not have the pulsing brake light feature and so is a little less expensive.  Still mounts to the rear of the cargo rack with the mounting bolts which are spaced at 50mm, the same as the mounting plate on most decent touring racks such as Tubus.  The "Plus" in the name means this light has a built in capacitor powering a stand light so the light stays on for a few minutes when the bike comes to a stop, like at a stop light.  Observe polarity when connecting to the headlight, positive from headlight to positive on tail light.  

  • No wire included. See the double strand or coaxial wires for connection to the head light
  • Stand light stays on for 4 minutes when the bike is stopped
  • 92mm wide by 45mm tall by 17mm deep.
  • 50mm mounting stud distance