King Cage Many Things Cage


Product Overview

The Many Things Cage is hands down the lightest, cleanest, titanium-est cargo cage you can buy for your touring or bikepacking rig.  Cut, bent, and welded out of US-made Ti in Durango, Colorado, these cages are practically indestructible and provide secure carriage for a nearly infinite variety of objects. 

Two 20" Voilé straps (current color is blue) are included with each cage.  The stretch and grip provided by the polyurethane strap material makes these a much more secure, slip-free option compared to the nylon webbing straps that are standard with Salsa's Anything Cage and many other similar products.  The 20" length works well for most cargo but we also carry 25" straps for larger loads

These cages mount to the three-pack bosses found on most Surly models along with an ever-expanding number of other bike models.  Check out the King Cage Universal Support Bolts (USBs) if you don't have the required mounting points on your bike.  Use good judgement and common sense when selecting your attachment points.  Questions about fit?  Shoot us an email or call the shop, we're happy to help. 



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