Morse Cage - Wolf Tooth x King Cage

$24.95 - $69.95

Product Overview

We've been big fans of King Cage's stainless steel water bottle cages for a long time.  The innovative Morse Cage is the result of a collaboration between Wolf Tooth Components and the metal wizards from Durango - seeking a lightweight, low-profile way to fine-tune a bottle cage's position.  We'd say they did a darn fine job.  The end product is as clean and simple as the classic Andrews Cage but with the added versatility of the four-position base.

Named for its dot-dash-dot-dash mounting pattern, the Morse Cage base plate offers four positions across 32mm of vertical adjustment, fully capturing one mounting bolt in every position to prevent movement.  That's 1-1/4 inches of adjustability, just enough to make the most of the space in your front triangle or fine-tune clearance with other accessories.  Like King Cage's other stainless cages, the Morse Cage will never mar your bottles and can be bent back into shape if damaged. This cage is no avaiable in Titanium as well, making it ultra light!


  • Fits any bike frame that has 2 standard 64mm spacing bottle cage mounts (most modern frames)

Tech Specs:

  • Hand bent hollow tubing
  • Precision-cut four-position bases with 32mm of total adjustment
  • Design and manufactured in the USA
  • Material: 304 stainless steel tubing OR  3-2.5 titanium tubing
  • Weight - 58g OR 33g(Ti version)