King Cage Andrews Cage - Stainless


Product Overview

The classic Andrews Cage by King Cage might as well be the only bottle cage in the world.  We think they're practically perfect in every way, just like Mary Poppins. 

They're light, durable, inexpensive and won't mar your bottles.  Every one is cut, bent, welded, finished and shipped from a little shop in Durango, Colorado and come in everyone's favorite color: brushed stainless steel. 

The traditional shape allows bottle entry and exit from a wide variety of angles while still delivering rock-solid security.  Squeeze the cage down as desired to tighten the fit. 

There are only a few reasons why you'd want anything different.  Need your bottle to sit lower to clear a frame bag, etc?  Check out the Dropper Cage - same construction as the Andrews but with attachment points that drop your bottle buy just over an inch.  Want to fine-tune the cage's height?  The Wolf Tooth x King Cage Morse Cage offers 4 attachment options across 32mm of adjustment. 

  • 48 grams
  • 304 Stainless Steel Tubing
  • Will not scuff or mar water bottles
  • Made in the USA



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