King Cage Universal Support Bolts


Product Overview

This Universal Support Bolt is a clever solution for adding bottle cages or cargo cages to bikes lacking the requisite mounting points. 

These are sold individually, so order one for each hole in the cage you're looking to mount - 2 for standard bottle cages, 3 for most cargo cages.  Listed sizes are the largest approximate tube size the clamp will fit, so it is best to order the larger size if in doubt.  We also highly recommend using a wrap of adhesive cloth tape or electrical tape under the clamp to protect your frame and provide extra grip for the clamp.  Rubber inner tubes are not recommended and may lead to premature clamp failure.

Handcrafted in Durango, Colorado by King Cage.

  • 1 1/8"  -  handlebars, seat stays, etc.
  • 1 3/8"  -  most steel frame tubes and fork legs
  • 1 5/8"  -  most suspension fork lowers
  • 2"        -  most aluminium frame tubes

IMPORTANT:  The USB (or any similar bottle boss adaptor) should be attached on straight, round tubes of consistent diameter.  They are NOT RECOMMENDED for use on non-round tubes, tapered fork legs, etc.  The clamps will be likely to slip down the tapered section, causing the USB to loosen and the cage to swing into your wheel.  Don't be a dummy and use (un)common sense when selecting your mounting location.