Wolf Tooth B-RAD Half Bottle Adapter


Product Overview

Wolf Tooth Components' Bottle Relocation and Accessory Device or B-RAD ("Be Rad"), is a system for organizing on-bike accessory storage using bottle cage mounts. The system uses either 2, 3 or 4-slot Base Mounts which attach to your bottle cage bosses. Various accessories then provide a way to carry more bottles, re-position bottles and/or strap on tubes, tools, or other cargo.   This highly adaptable system allows the user to greatly expand the utility of their bottle cage bosses - especially useful on full-suspension bikes with limited clearance and few attachment points.

The Half-Bottle adaptors allow the use of a bottle cage alongside a Mini Accessory Mount, providing a perfect location for your bottle and a mini pump or other smallish object.  The mounts deliver just the right amount of offset from the bike's center for easy access without interfering with your legs.  Two Mini Accessory Mounts can also be used side-by-side. 

We stock these mounts by themselves for use with any B-RAD Base Mount and with the DogBone unit for attachment directly to your bottle bosses.  The Base Mounts allow additional adjustability and precise positioning, so we generally recommend going that route.  The DogBone system works well for bikes with curved tubes that won't accept a Base Mount.