B-RAD Base Mount


Product Overview

Wolf Tooth Components' Bottle Relocation and Accessory Device or B-RAD ("Be Rad"), is a system for organizing on-bike accessory storage using bottle cage mounts. The system uses either 2, 3 or 4-slot base mounts which attach to standard bottle cage holes on the bike. The various accessories then provide a way to carry more bottles, re-position bottles and/or strap on an extra tube or a tool pouch.   

This highly adaptable system allows the uses to greatly expand the utility of their bottle cage bosses - especially useful on full-suspension bikes with limited clearance and few attachment points. 

NOTE: If your frame has curved tubes, you may be limited in which B-RAD base mounts will fit.  Download this handy document from Wolf Tooth and print it in 1:1 scale for a physical guide

  • B-RAD 2
    • Use the 2 slot base with 2 threaded mounting holes to move a bottle around to an optimal location on a smaller or full suspension frame. Or mount B-RAD accessories to an unused set of bottle cage mounts. Overall length is 13cm (5")
  • B-RAD 3
    • The 3 slot base with 4 threaded holes lets you mount additional water bottle cages or accessories to the bike. Mount a bottle cage in the forward threaded holes and mount a B-RAD accessory behind it. Works with triple bottle mounts on frames and forks for attaching Anything Cages or Many Things Cages. Includes zip-ties and a neoprene pad for extra secure mounting. Overall length is 20cm (8")
  • B-RAD 4
    • This 4 slot base has 9 threaded holes and offers the most flexibility for adding extra bottle cages or for carrying tubes or tool kits. It's long enough to mount 2 smaller bottles inline or multiple accessories. The B-RAD 4 includes zip ties, channels for the zip ties, and closed cell neoprene foam pad for secure mounting. Overall length is 30.5cm (12")


Strap and Accessory Mount

Double Bottle Adaptor

Half Bottle Adaptor