Swift Zeitgeist Bag


Product Overview

We are big fans of Swift's Zeitgeist bag. The newest version is designed as a Saddle and Handlebar Bag. The batten is placed on the outside of the bag so you an easily slide the included voile straps through for easy and quick attachment to your handlebars. Each of the two pairs of mounting point slots are 1″ (2.5cm) wide. The inner pair is spaced 3.75″ (9.5cm) apart and matches the standard spacing of integrated saddle loops, which also happens to be the ideal spacing for mountain bike handlebars. The wider pair is spaced 9.5″ (24cm) apart and is meant for use on wider drop bars or flat handlebars. These bags come with the Swift Foam Spacers Kit, adding the option of up to 1.5" of space between your bars and the bag so you can access all the comfortable riding positions. The bag's 12L volume is great for riding around town, and folding pockets make it usable on relatively narrow handlebars.  If you prefer a saddle bag, the attachment strap spacing allows you to easily mount it to Brooks saddle rails.  The included p-cord cinch strap wraps around either your head-tube or seat-post. If your looking for a similar bag but ride a smaller platform or just don't necessarily need that much carrying capacity, check out the Swift Catalyst Pack, which also works great as a handlebar or seat pack.

Swift's 100% recycled ECOPAK EPLX400 material keeps this bag light and water resistant. The HDPE plastic liner and batten holds the bag's shape and keeps it rigid. This Zeitgeist version features four D-rings and two integrated daisy chains on the flap, allowing you to strap items like a jacket or sleeping pad to the exterior of the bag. Two collapsible side pockets allow easy access to your smaller items. The bag's side D-rings and the Swift Shoulder Strap are useful for switching from on-bike to off-bike carrying. Swift also included reflective detailing.

"An excellent choice for gravel adventures, touring, bike-packing, and commuting everyday."


  • Measurements: 12.75″w X 7.5″h X 7″d
    • Width of bag including the materials from the side pockets: 39cm wide when pockets are folded down)
    • 48cm when side-pockets are full
  • Capacity: 12 L per bag
  • Weight: 1.3 lbs