Revelate Designs Mag Tank 2000 Bolt-On


Product Overview

This is the bolt-on version of Revelate's super-sized Mag Tank, ideal for bikes with a pair of mounting bolts on the top tube.  The Mag Tank 2000 is named for its ability to carry up to 2000 calories!  That's a lot of food!  Stuff it full of snacks or anything else you need to keep close at hand.  The tapered shape maximizes volume while maintaining a low profile for leg clearance when pedaling.  The flap lid and magnetic buckle provide easy one-handed access and secure closure. 

This bag is designed to shed dirt and water but is not waterproof.  Best to keep sensitive items in a dry bag.  The lid will not open accidentally but small, loose items (single keys, individual M+Ms, tiny precious gems, etc) could escape the flap when riding over rough terrain or laying the bike on its side.  Keep your small valuables in a ziploc bag or other container. 

Fit Notes

We especially like this bag for drop bar bikes, MTBs with very short stems or other setups that don't/can't use Revelate's Feedbags or similar bags that attach at the side of the stem.  The wide front of the Mag Tank 2000 can interfere with Feedbags, limiting your ability to turn the handlebars to extreme angles.  This is rarely a problem at normal riding speeds (other than the tightest of switchbacks) but is inconvenient at other times and puts undue strain on the sewn attachment points.  Unless you're running a fairly long stem (>90mm) we'd recommend the standard Mag Tank for use with Feedbags.


  • Single handed access with effortless magnetic closure
  • Two sets of mounting holes on bag bottom to allow bolt-on attachment to top tube.
    • First set of mounting holes spaced at 76mm (+/- 2mm) off center from head tube. 
    • Second set of mounting holes spaced at 100mm (+/- 2mm) off center from head tube. 
  • Distance between mounting holes is standard water bottle cage spacing, 64mm. 
  • Velcro secured, padded bottom flap conceals mounting bolts to protect contents.
  • Side panels are stiffened with HDPE plastic sheets.
  • Interior is lined with yellow fabric for greater visibility.
  • Two position daisy chain front attachment includes a spacer block to clear stem clamp bolts and headset cups.


  • Length: 8.5"
  • Max height: 4.5"
  • Width at stem 4.5" tapering down to 1.5".  

Made in the USA with domestic and imported materials. 


  • Weight:  5.2 ounces
  • Volume:  85 Cubic inches
  • Materials:  Revelate exclusive RevVX 21; 42 XPac; 420 denier yellow and red lining; closed cell foam padded tube sections; HDPE sheets.



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