Revelate Designs Bolt-On Mag-Tank


Product Overview

The bolt-on version of Revelate's excellent Mag Tank allows super-clean mounting on bikes with the requisite mounting points on the top tube, found on many models from Salsa Cycles and Open Cycles among others.  The velcro floor panel allows easy access to the grommeted bolt holes for mounting but provides padding and reinforcement once the bag is mounted.  If you don't have two threaded eyelets on your top tube approximately 65mm apart (same spacing as water bottle bosses) you'll want the strap-on version of this bag.  

NOTE:  Mounting hardware is not included.  Some models will require shorter or longer bolts.  We recommend using a washer with a large outer diameter for maximum surface contact with the grommet and button head bolts to prevent square edges from causing undue wear to the bag's flap.  Apply grease to the bolts and tighten to the frame manufacturer's torque specification.

The simple, reliable magnetic flap closure makes for easy access and foolproof closing, even while in motion or on rough terrain.  You don't even really need fingers!  Internal volume is ever-so slightly smaller than the Gas Tank but the flap closure makes overstuffing easier than with zips.  Given the nature of the closure, it is best to keep very small items (individual M+Ms, loose change, single keys, precious crystals, etc) in a ziploc or other bag to be sure they can't escape through the small gaps in the flap. 


  • Bolt-On design for clean attachment to bikes with required mounts
  • Easy one-handed access while riding
  • Side panels stiffened with HDPE plastic sheets
  • Wrap around panel is padded with closed cell foam
  • Interior lined with red and yellow fabric for greater visibility
  • Adjustable height daisy chain front attachment with a spacer block to clear stem clamp bolts


  • Length: 8.5"
  • Max height: 5"
  • Width at stem: 2.5"
  • Tapers down to 2.5" tall and 1.5" wide along the top tube

Made in the USA with domestic and imported materials