Nitto Noodle Handlebar (M177)

$85.00 - $120.00

Product Overview

The bike hermit likes these bars because of the slight rearward bend of the top portion. The shape of the Noodle bar corresponds to the shape the palm of your hand takes in the gripping position, making it quite comfortable. 

The top flat portion sweeps back toward you slightly, bringing the bar closer, and the drops (lower portion) flare out just slightly (four degrees).  If you like more flair in your drop then check out the Nitto Grand Randonneur and the Nitto Dirt Drop.
The main selling point of the Noodle Bar is the ramp, the portion of the bar immediately behind where the brake lever fits. The nice wide bend of these bars make it easy to get the ramps level for optimum comfort and still have a useable drop portion of the bar.

If you're debating between two sizes, consider that a wider bar offers more leverage, so you can more easily hold the bike as your legs (which are much stronger than your arms) push on the pedals and tilt the bike. 

These bars measure a little bit wider at the flared ends than the nominal size and just a little bit narrower at the bends, where the brake levers go, than the nominal size. For example, a 44cm Noodle bar will measure about 44.5 or 45 center to center at the flared ends, and 43.5 or so at the bend. The 41 cm is also considered a 42 cm just to keep us all on our toes.

  • 26.0mm clamp, 95mm reach, 140mm drop.  Stem not included.
  • The prices for the 46cm and 48cm are higher than the 41/42cm and 44cm since it costs extra to make the wider ones stronger (heat treated).



26.0 Clamp

46 and 48 are heat treated (add $20.00)

41 cm and 42 cm are the same bar (again different ways of measuring)



Warranty Information

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