Nitto Grand Randonneur B135AA

$69.00 - $76.50

Product Overview

There are two different Grand Randonneur shapes, B132 and B135. Some catalogs will call the B135 the Randonneur and the B132's the Grand Randonneur, but as both bars have Grand Randonneur stamped on them we are opting to differentiate by B132 and B135. The difference between the two is in the drop and the reach* (the B135 has a deeper drop but a shorter reach)

Sky King will tell you, she can ride for miles and miles and miles in comfort using her Nitto Grand Randonneur bars (B135). In fact, she doesn't even wear bike gloves anymore.

The ends of the bars extend toward the rider, allowing a very comfortable ride in the drops without reaching. The upswept flats (sloping upward from the center to the brake hood area) makes for a nice hand position on tops.

How to measure for Drop Bars: Bar size is a measurement from center of the end to center of the end. Because The Grand Randonneur bars flare out from where the brake levers will go to the ends of the drops, the width of the bars "on the hoods" is about 6 cm narrower than the nominal width, or the width at the drops. When choosing The Grand Randonneur be sure to take that into account as you choose your size, we don't want you to end up with a handlebar that is too narrow.

Confusing? Call or email if you have questions on which bar to order.


25.4 mm clamp diameter

*120 mm drop and 105 mm reach

Upswept flats

Drops Flare out Slightly

Warranty Information

Bike Touring News 60 warranty against MFG defects