Nitto Dirt Drop Handlebar RM-014F


Product Overview

Now the popular dirt drop bar is available with a 31.8 mm clamping diameter, so if you have an oversize stem you can rock these without getting a new stem!

Narrower on the tops than the Rm-013, these bars are great for a bike which will be ridden off road a large percentage of the time.

For a complete side by side comparison of the Rm-013 and the RM-014 see the Bike Touring News review.


50 and 52 cm widths only

Approx. 7 degree flare at the drops

Drop Bar Sizes are based on the measurement between the bar ends, center to center. Because of the flare on the ends, the brake hoods will be closer than the nominal size of the bar. In other words, for a 52 cm bar the brake hoods will end up about 46 cm apart.








Warranty Information

Bike Touring News 60 warranty against MFG defects