Boeshield T-9 Lubricant


Product Overview

Boeshield is a tried-and-true all purpose lubricant for any application that calls for a light, penetrating lubricant that won't collect excess dirt and grit.  It works well for your chain, cables, brake/derailleur pivots, spoke nipples or even as a rust preventative inside your steel frame.  The solvent and paraffin wax formula penetrates, cleans and displaces moisture before drying into a thin film that lubricates and protects your parts.  If applied properly (all excess lube wiped away, allowed to dry for 2 hours or more before riding) the lubricant will not wash off or collect dirt. 

We carry two sizes - a 4oz bottle that is perfect for the home workshop or a 1oz bottle that is an ideal size for your on-the-bike tool kit. 

Application Instructions:  Apply to lower run of chain by dripping onto rollers while turning the cranks backward.  Allow lube to fully penetrate chain.  Wipe off excess and allow to dry for 2 hours or more before riding.  You can't wipe too much; there is no such thing as a chain that is too clean!  Wipe until your chain is shiny and appears dry.  Reapply when you start to hear your chain squeak or rattle, or after washing the bicycle.