Tumbleweed T-Rack


Product Overview

Tumbleweed's T-Rack is a lightweight, minimalist rack with a wide range of functionality.  Equally at home on front or rear, this rack is an ideal support for a saddle/handlebar bag or anything else you can strap to the deck.  In addition, the T-Rack offers the ability to mount water bottle or cargo cages by using the triple-pack bosses on the sides of the rack legs.  Three attachment points on the deck (two M6 threaded barrels and a taillight plate with 50mm holes) provide for a variety of lighting options.

These racks are offered with two leg lengths - 355 and 380mm.  Choose a leg length based on the location of your attachment points and desired deck height.  The deck is 130mm wide by 305mm long and offers ample clearance for tires up to 4.25" wide.  The lower leg eyelets are drilled to pass an M5 or M6 mounting bolt and are spaced ~150mm apart.  The racks come with 2 sets of upper mounting struts, - 100mm and 300mm long - for use on the front or rear of your bike.  These racks are only intended for four-point mounting - there is no provision for attachment to a single central hole as in the center of a fork crown or seatstay bridge.

The body of the T-Rack is welded from CroMoly steel for durability and repairability with stainless steel mounting hardware and aluminum upper struts.  Comes in any color you like, as long as it is black. 

Need cages to mount on those triple pack bosses?  Can't go wrong with the Many Things Cage from King Cage

Looking for more cargo capacity in a similarly minimal package?  We also carry Tumbleweed's Mini Pannier Rack that offers extra support for small panniers.