WTB Volt Pro Saddle


Product Overview

While we're big fans of leather saddles for all kinds of riding, there are applications where a padded plastic saddle just makes more sense.  WTB has been designing and building mountain bike components for 35 years and that experience comes through in their line of excellent saddles - providing the comfort you need to ride longer and explore farther. 

The Volt is the next evolution in WTB's saddle line, borrowing features from other popular models and refining them into a package that is ideal for a wide range of rides, bikes and conditions.  There is a reason why Surly specs the OEM version of this saddle on all their current models.  The Volt is a jack of all trades. 

The slight whale tail shape aids pedaling leverage while the narrow nose and quick taper prevent any unwanted thigh interference.  Compared to the Silverado, the nose is significantly shorter and narrower, with a bit more drop to prevent snagging when transitioning back into the saddle. 

We stock the "Pro" version of this saddle with Chromoly rails and DNA padding for the optimal balance of durability, comfort and weight at a reasonable price.  Available in three widths:  135, 142 and 150mm.

  • 135/142/150 x 265mm
  • Medium Padding
  • Thin line shape with Comfort Zone cut-out and Love Channel for soft tissue relief
  • Slight whale tail and gentle drop to the nose
  • Stiff pedaling platform with built-in bump absorption
  • Microfiber cover with flex-tuned shell, Chromoly rails, DNA padding and ABR corners