WTB Silverado Saddle


Product Overview

While we're big fans of leather saddles for all kinds of riding, there are applications where a padded plastic saddle just makes more sense.  WTB has been designing and building mountain bike components for 35 years and that experience comes through in their line of excellent saddles - providing the comfort you need to ride longer and explore farther. 

WTB's Silverado is a modern classic and for good reason.  This is a very versatile saddle suitable for any bike and discipline.  The long, padded nose provides the perch you need for steep climbs, seamlessly transitioning into the flat rear section with a subtle channel.  The shell is relieved on the underside to fine-tune the flex in key pressure point areas.  This saddle features Chromoly rails and HLX and gel padding for the optimal balance of durability, weight and comfort. 

  • Narrow, Long Shape: 135 x 280mm
  • Thin line shape with Comfort Zone cut-out and Love Channel for soft tissue relief
  • Long padded nose with gradual taper provides an excellent shelf when the going gets steep
  • Stiff pedaling platform with built-in bump absorption
  • Microfiber cover with flex-tuned shell, Chromoly rails, HLX padding and ABR corners