WTB Trail Boss 27.5 x 3.0 Plus Tire


Product Overview

The Trail Boss 3.0 is our top choice for singletrack-centric bikepacking trips.  Ryan rode a set on the 2017 Colorado Trail Race and they performed flawlessly across 525 miles of some of the most challenging trail conditions anywhere. 

This is a true all-around tire for your Karate Monkey or any other 27.5+ bike.  The consistent, evenly-spaced knobs roll fast and corner predictably on any terrain - from loose, chunky trail to pavement.  They still provide exceptional traction for climbing, braking and aggressive cornering.  The corner knobs are braced deeply into the sidewall for extra cut protection and to prevent squirm at high lean angles.  Unlike many "plus" tires where the knobs are narrower than the casing, the Trail Boss's corner knobs are the widest point of the tire - even on a 45mm rim - further protecting the sidewalls from damage.

The dual-compound tread features harder, more durable rubber in the center and grippier side sections for enhanced traction. 

The Trail Boss will perform best when mated to a rim with a 40 or 45mm internal width, such as WTB's own Scraper or the Alex MD40 that most of Surly's current plus bikes are built with.  We prefer Orange Seal tubeless sealant for its excellent sealing properties, long life and lack of funky, acrid smells.