WTB Byway 650x47 Road Plus Tire


Product Overview

With the introduction of the Byway, WTB has defined a new category for mixed-terrain riders.  These 650b x 47mm "Road Plus" tires have an equivalent diameter to a 700c x 30mm tire, making them compatible with many disc brake-equipped gravel or cyclocross bikes that use 700c wheels.  Of course, if your bike is built for 650b wheels you're all set.  These tires are the perfect compliment to your Midnight Special or Pack Rat!

With a light, supple, tubeless-compatible casing, these tires roll with surprising quickness and provide a smooth, cushioned ride.  The tread pattern is optimized for rides that feature dirt or gravel roads with pavement sections in between.  The smooth centerline transitions into an angled file tread for extra grip at moderate lean angles.  From there, a diamond tread takes over to provide needed bite on unpaved surfaces.  The well-braced corner knobs deliver surprising traction in loose terrain but don't squirm on harder surfaces.  The corner knobs also serve to protect the sidewalls from abrasion as they are the widest part of the tire.  Tan sidewalls add a touch of classic style. 

The Byway opens up new possibilities for riders wanting to explore farther beyond the end of the pavement.  While they can be run with tubes, proper tubeless setup will really help these tires shine.  We prefer Orange Seal sealant for its quick sealing, long life span and lack of funky, acrid odors.  2oz of sealant per tire should be plenty for these tires, so you could get away with only one bottle.  Get a second and you'll have sealant in reserve. 

Curious if your current bike is compatible with the Byway?  WTB has compiled a list of confirmed bikes here


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