WTB Koda Saddle with Titanium Rails


Product Overview

While we're big fans of leather saddles for all kinds of riding, there are applications where a padded plastic saddle just makes more sense.  WTB has been designing and building mountain bike components for 35 years and that experience comes through in their line of excellent saddles - providing the comfort you need to ride longer and explore farther.  

WTB describes the Koda as "female focused without being women's-specific."  We can get behind that.  The design was refined over two years of feedback from female testers - including Idaho resident and endurance badass Rebecca Rusch.  Watch the video below to learn more about her role in the Koda's development and get Rebecca's take on this saddle.  Her trail dogs make a brief appearance!

The Koda is immediately distinguishable from WTB's other saddles by its generously open center channel.  Combined with the flat perch for your sit bones, this ensures that "your hard bits, not your soft bits are supporting your weight on the bike."  The nose is also relatively short, with a slight downturn to prevent snagging your shorts. The rear of the saddle features a slightly upturned whale tail - similar to the Volt and Rocket - providing extra pedaling leverage. 

This saddle features Titanium rails and DNA padding for a perfect balance of durability, comfort and weight.

Like all the saddles we sell, this product is backed by our 90-day comfort guarantee.  Buy it, ride it. If you don’t like it, send it back for an exchange or refund of your purchase price, less shipping costs.